New 40-Hour Mediation Training 2024

Basic mediation training is scheduled for early 2024. Over the course of two weekends, 16-18 February and 23-25 February, participants will explore the nature of conflict, identify their default conflict style, map intergenerational conflicts in their families of nurture, practice essential resolution strategies, and roleplay real-life conflict scenarios.

Our trainings are personal and practical, reflective and strategic. The downtown location of BlueJean Mediation, PLLC, (Durango, CO), provides an intimate setting for exploring approaches to resolution, and practicing. Our in-person trainings are designed for 6 to 10 individuals.

Success in mediation requires more than purchasing a set of tools. Mediators must understand their own part in conflicts, explore new ways of thinking about conflict, and cultivate a way of being in the world consistent with the practice of mediation. When you leave our trainings, you leave with a support system established to help you engage in self-reflective conflict mediation.

Your cost for participating in this basic 40-hour mediation course is minimal compared to other statewide and national programs. For $895.00 participants will receive 40-hours of instruction, conversation, and roleplay. Also included are two books on conflict, a extensive training manual, two meals, and snacks.

NOTE:  This training does not address settlement facilitation, arbitration, contract negotiation, administrative hearings, or other strategies sometimes loosely referred to as “mediation.” In this course many strategies and disciplines are considered for use in helping parties craft their own decisions, resolving their own conflicts.

For registration contact Valerie Jordan at [email protected].

Watch here for updates, schedule, and other details.