What We Offer

BlueJean Mediation brings compassion, experience, and understanding to life's tough situations. We mediate

  • Non-Profit Conflicts
  • Education / School Disputes
  • Workplace Matters
  • Elder Care
  • Victim / Offender Dialogues
  • Probate / Estate / Trusts
  • Environmental / Land Issues
  • Landlord / Tenant
  • HOA / Neighbor Relations
  • Civic Disagreements
  • Divorce / Parenting Plans
  • Marital Relations
  • Multi-Generational Conflicts
  • Faith Community Issues

Focused strategic planning, conflict style assessment, and regular self-awareness are required to normalize and manage conflict. BlueJean Mediation provides

  • Group Facilitation
  • Listening Skills Workshops
  • Conflict Styles Inventories
  • Mediator Training

For persons and groups requesting additional support and guidance though conflict, BlueJean Mediation offers

  • Coaching in Bowen (Family) Systems Theory
  • Mentoring

BlueJean Mediation will design unique conflict-related programs for your civic organization or business, whether in Durango, around the Four Corners, or out-of-state. We are here to assist. Your life can be much better.

Call BlueJean Mediation. We will assess the difficulty, describe the appropriate process, answer questions, and explain costs. Our fees are discussed upfront with all parties. A deposit is required before services begin.

Contact us today. Good can emerge from hard difficulties.