BlueJean Mediation holds space for transformative conversations. We help individuals in difficult situations, empowering and supporting people as they address critical issues.

BlueJean Mediators are trained in several approaches to conflict resolution: facilitative, directive, evaluative, interest-based, understanding-based, problem-solving, and transformative. Our experienced mediators will equip and empower you to solve your problems, fairly and peacefully, with wisdom and dignity. We care for you!
BlueJean Mediation provides a variety of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. We offer Mediation, Guided Conversations, Program Assessment, Conflict Coaching, Group Facilitation, Educational Seminars, Listening Skills Workshops, Mediator Training (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced), and Mentoring.

We assist individuals, couples, small parties, extended and inter-generational families, large groups, businesses, faith communities, civic institutions, and government agencies. Our clients include siblings, neighborhoods, parents, educational institutions, community non-profits, businesses, state agencies, and extended families. Contact Dr. William Lee Mangrum via phone, text, or email for a free consultation.

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