Mediation, Coaching, Family Process, Group Facilitation, Restorative Justice Circles, Training, and Mentoring

. . . durable solutions for tough situations


. . . durable solutions for tough situations

Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Family Process, Training, Group Facilitation & Restorative Justice Circles

BlueJean Mediation, PLLC

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

BlueJean Mediation guides difficult conversations for neighbors, communities, families, teams, and institutions in conflict.

We provide Alternative Dispute Resolution Services: Mediation, Conflict Coaching, Family Process Assistance, Restorative Justice Circles, Group Facilitation, Educational Seminars, Mediator Training, and Mentoring. We are able to custom design our services for specific needs and situations.

We assist families, communities, and businesses. Our clients include neighbors, siblings, grandparents, teams, educational institutions, faith communities, non-profit foundations, state agencies, and extended families.