BlueJean Mediation holds space for transformative conversations. We help individuals in difficult situations, empowering and supporting people as they address critical issues.

BlueJean Mediators are trained in several approaches to conflict resolution: facilitative, directive, evaluative, interest-based, understanding-based, problem-solving, and transformative. Our experienced mediators will equip and empower you to solve your problems, fairly and peacefully, with wisdom and dignity. We care for you!

BlueJean Mediation was started in 2010 by Dr. William Lee Mangrum---Senior Mediator, Conflict Coach, Group Facilitator, and Trainer. Dr. Mangrum is a mediator for the State of Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR). In New Mexico he mediates for the NM Bureau of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and assists in training federal and state employees in mediation. Dr. Mangrum has several advanced  degrees. He is a professional member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), National Association for Community Mediation (NACFM) and The Mediation Association of Colorado. (See theMAC listing here.)
I mediated my first case—domestic violence—in 1981 while I was a seminarian in Denver, CO. In more than four decades since, while working in multiple faith communities, I have mediated estate settlements, child custody disputes, elder care, end-of-life decisions, homeless services, architectural designs, building fund disputes, schooling decisions, public safety concerns, issues with extended-family relations & communications, service projects, business failings, neighborhood conflicts, marital dissolution, inter-religious dialogues, competing value-conflicts, capital improvements, and employee-employer relations. Moreover, as a pastor I mediated hundreds of intense conflicts occasioned by weddings and funerals.

Many of these conflicts were two party matters—such as when I assisted several co-workers with differing values locked in a non-profit workplace conflict. Still other cases were larger community discussions with many stakeholders. One notable example of a community issue, spanning several meetings over several months, occurred in the mid-90’s when a small coastal village in California debated placing cell towers within the historic district.

Some of these conflicts were inter-generational as when I mediated an extend-family dispute involving the mismanagement and fraudulent use of trust funds totaling several million dollars. Some of these disputes may seem trivial to non-religious persons—such as the intense, ubiquitous debates within most faith communities about styles of music, length of services, youth groups, work projects, property management, and the placement of the American Flag within the congregation’s sacred space. Yet other disagreements were very common and public—such as community conflicts over the usage of public funds for street maintenance and capital improvements.

Beyond my extensive pastoral training—which included significant studies in pastoral care and counseling—I have accrued over three hundred and fifty-five (355) hours in academic studies and professional trainings. This includes studies in conflict theory and mediation practices (120 hours), resolving faith-based conflicts (40 hours), dynamic issues in family law (80 hours), international conflicts (30 hours), online dispute resolution (5 hours), advanced mediation practices (50 hours), Native Nations/Tribal Consultation (15 hours), and Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution (15 hours).

I have studied Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, California, New Mexico, and North Carolina. My inquiries have taken me to the University of New Mexico School of Law, Colorado State University, the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, the Udall Foundation--U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, and the Green Gulch Farms/Zen Monastery in California.

In addition, I have invested over sixty (60) hours in advanced study of Bowen Family Systems Theory. Each of my ADR offerings and my training programs are uniquely designed for specific situations and may include usage of conflict inventories, Bowen Family Systems Theory, mindfulness exercises, and critical self-reflection.

Hence, by experience, training, disposition, and calling—I am a mediator. I understand varying conflict styles and the complexities of immediate and extended family systems. I possess the emotional maturity, the technical skills, and the commitment necessary to assist conflicted parties as they labor to construct their own solutions to their own troubles.
Dr. Mangrum's curriculum vitae (cv) is linked below. Do not copy or circulate his cv without Dr. Mangrum's written permission. Thank you.

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