BlueJean Mediation creates safe, working spaces for resolving difficult disputes. Our experienced mediators will equip and empower you to solve your problems, fairly and peacefully, with wisdom and dignity. We care for you! 

BlueJean Mediation, PLLC
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BlueJean Mediation offers a free, one-hour consultation with Dr. Mangrum. During his hour with you, Dr. Mangrum will also discuss various ADR options, calendaring, and fees for his specific services.

If you have already met with Dr. Mangrum and have agreed to ADR services, dates, and fees, please use the PayPal  button to make a deposit. You may also use PayPal  if you are
  • paying the balance due for services received
  • paying for resources purchased
  • paying for access to a Conflict Styles Inventory

If you have questions about BlueJean Mediation, please submit this form. Dr. Mangrum will quickly respond to you.
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